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2021 | festival of joy | documentary | produced by dockyard

for the international festival of joy political supporters of the mauthausen committee answered the question: what is variety? this film premiered at ORF III.

director|idea: elias rauchenberger
client: mauthausen komitee

cinematography: roland kluger
editor: manuel leitner


2020 | first period | commercial | produced by mædusa

How was your first period? What was the colour like? Red or brown? I asked women to talk about thier experience. on behalf of unrasiert ungeniert. 

director|script: elias rauchenberger

cinematography: philipp hafner

editor: julia naber


2016 | die tür | commerical | produced by penta media


the auditive work of a carpenter making a door.

this spot won: best film commercial styria (green panther)

director&concept: elias rauchenberger

cinematography: philipp hafner

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