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hello, i am a young director and composer living in Vienna. While I was working as a film composer I discovered my passion for film, stories and characters. Torn between two worlds and unsure which one suits me best, I decided to be a visual thinking composer and an audio inspired film director.

| directing_ student@filmakademie Wien 2022
| composition_ student@mdw VIENNA 2018 

| piano_ student@kug GRAZ 2010 
| organ_ @privat GRAZ  2010
| percussion_ @studiopercussion GRAZ 2004 
| choir&singing_ @kapellknaben GRAZ 2004 
| kindergarten_ @kika kocher GRAZ 2001


1st| ski course_ competition_ 2002 |
extraordinary composition| prima la musica_ 2012 |
1st| prima la musica_ piano_ 2012 |
3rd| improvisation competition_ piano_ 2014 |
1st| improvisation competition_ piano_ 2016 |
3rd| green panther_ bestmotionpicture: die tür_ 2017 |
3rd| vienna filmmusic competition_ composition_ 2019 |
1st| audience award cinema talks_ film award_ 2019 |
1st| best director_ shortoftheweek_ 2019 |
3rd| instant 36_expectations of a child_2023 |

award list

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